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Diocese hopes for good outcome

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Vicar General Bishop Jonny Kuper said it is a new programme to be introduced into the dioceses’ reach-out programme for the needy in problems relating to alcohol use.

The Diocese of Central Melanesia within the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) is anticipating better outcome from the train the trainers’ workshop on Alcoholic addiction.

“The new programme to help alcohol addicts in our societies today for this matter is a great achievement we will be looking forward to,” he said.

He said they will be using the existing network from the church parish and line ministries within ACOM, but will start with the DOC staff and clergies first.

He said they will eventually reach out to ministerial groups including youths, families and to individuals.

“We will start immediately as soon as our participants in the trainers on alcohol addiction finish with their training.

He added that it is an undeniable fact that majority of those involve in alcohol use are those belonging to the main churches including the Anglican Church of Melanesia and Catholic.

“As such DOC is taking this seriously and will be rolling out similar pastoral program for alcohol addicts to family victims in hospitals and even our correctional service inmates.

“What we are looking at is not to absolutely eliminate alcohol, rather to give some means to those affected to know the basic steps to avoid and reduce such unhelpful behaviour and character, so to realize their responsibilities as aspiring youths, fathers and mothers.”

Bishop Kuper said this will be done only within the Diocese of Central Melanesia and if there is potential in doing the same in other dioceses, they would do so.

By Bradford Theonomi