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Premier pledges support for churches

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MALAITA Province Premier Edwin Suibaea says his government has an open door policy on churches.

Mr Suibaea explained this after his Government opened their meeting chamber in Auki for an overseas group from Australia known as Victorious Ministry Through Christ (VMTC).

The VMTC is a disciplined way of praying which results in healing and forgiveness. It is not psychological counselling.

It is scriptural based on the teaching, healing, deliverance and ministry of Jesus. It deals with sin and repentance and helps us to know God’s forgiveness.

It is a ministry to the church. Those receiving ministry are encouraged to advise their church leadership.

It helps people to look after their whole life and to deal with root problems. It is not designed for use in crisis but to do a deep and lasting work.

It depends on the Holy Spirit to work and release his gifts through people trained to do his ministry.

It also enables people to be ministered to in a powerful and effective way by God.

Premier Suibaea said his government will always support the work of the church.

He said all along churches have worked in partnership with the government because same people are in them.

The VMTC end its programme tomorrow.

Nearly 20 people serving in churches around Auki participated in the programme.