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Kukum SDA youths on retreat

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Kukum Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) youths went on a camp-out retreat over the weekend.

The retreat was held at the Central Bank of Solomon Islands recreational centre at  Aruligo, West Guadalcanal.

 The theme for the retreat was 'Go Forward' which focused on young people and how to put all their past behind them and go forward with Jesus beside them.

 The retreat campout was also to revive each youth members to have a prayerful life and a closer relationship with christ this year.

Apart from that the event enabled the youths to get out of all the busy life in the city.

As youths for today they need to spend more time reading their bibles and prayer rather then spending more time doing things that would not help their spiritual life to grow better.

During the weekend they also have trainings, group discussions about the Bible and also social programs to help the young people know each other more better.

  The guest speaker for that weekend program was their youth pastor, Pr Jack Laeta.

He challenged and encouraged the youths with his sermons during the retreat to choose Jesus and have Him walk beside them as their guide and always put God first in every thing they do in life.


By Karrie Jionisi
Journalism & Media Student