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Villager women learn about their roles

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RURAL women in Guadalcanal Province have had their knowledge broaden on their roles in community and church last week.

Three hundred and eighty women from the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) undergone a convention held at Kolokara Ward, East Guadalcanal from November 8 to 11.

The gathering was organised by SSEC Guadalcanal Regional Women’s Ministry and funded by the Ministry of Women, Youth, Children and Family Affairs (MWYCA).

According to Dalcy Hutehaka of Guadalcanal Women Ministry, women from eight associations in the province attended the annual event.

Mrs Hutehaka said from the convention rural women were able to obtain vital knowledge on their roles in community and church.

 She said representatives from MWYCA gave talks on women’s role and Guadalcanal Women ministry conducted studies on women and the church.

“Most participants are women from isolated areas who don’t normally have access to such training.

 “Despite Honiara being situated in Guadalcanal our women were left out in the many important trainings that are vital to develop them.”

The women leader thanked the ministry for recognising this important need and funding the convention.

“This is the first time we receive assistance from the ministry and we appreciate that.”

 The theme for this year’s convention was “Spiritual Awakening.”

By Jennifer Kakai