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Ms Alamu: Media’s role in gender base violence vital

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MEDIA has a role to play in reducing gender base violence (GBV) in the country, says Nairy Alamu of Family Support Centre (FSC).

Ms Alamu said this was because educating people on the issue will help address the problem currently faced by women and girls in the country.

She said this can be done through more awareness where in this case the media play an important role.

“This calls for healthy relationship between media and stakeholders advocating GBV.”

She stressed both parties must recognise each other’s role in order work together.

“I think organisation working on GBV issues must use media as a tool to reach out to other people, while media on the other hand must willing keep in touch with stakeholders.”

“Such partnership will help reduce social injustice in the country.”

Ms Alamu however appreciated the contribution of media in surfacing the ongoing violence faced by women and children in the country.

By Jennifer Kakai