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Skills training for women

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Women apply practical skills they acquired from their  Community Learning Centre in Malaita.
Women in eastern and southern parts of Malaita are improving their practical skills through skills development training programmes.

Solomon Islands Association for Vocational and Rural Training Centre (SIAVRTC) is helping these women and men under its training programmes.

SIAVRTC national coordinator Billy Mae said he had recently visited Community Learning Centres in these two Malaita regions and saw their benefits to the people.

He explained the community learning centres were established by rural training centre graduates who are living in their villages.

“They were established to empower the rural populace, including women, with skills training,” Mae said.

He said their partner in Australia, Australia People Help Education Development Abroad, established what they called Bamford Graduate Scheme in 2008, under which RTC graduates were assigned to provide training for communities.

Mae said he was pleased to see these community learning centres provide active training for members.

“We currently have more than 80 community learning centres in various parts of the country.

“Through these centres, up to 300 village people were trained in various skills every year,” Mae said.

By Elliot Dawea