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Brave mother punched pick-pocketing boy on the face

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Gladys Houla

A YOUNG man who was pick-pocketing at the Central Market in Honiara learned his lesson the hard way when a mother punched him in the face for stealing her money.

ANZ Bank employee Gladys Houla was out at the market Wednesday after work to buy fruits when the young boy came from behind and removed money from her bag.

She didn’t realise it until other women vendors at the market alerted her.

“I followed the young man towards the car park and confronted him,” Ms Houla told the Solomon Star yesterday.

“When I got my money back, I gave him a good punch up,” she added.

 “I hit him and told him that it is a shameful thing to rob a woman and that he has no respect for others,” Ms Houla said.

She said not long after, the young man’s friends came and tried to con her by saying it wasn’t that young man who stole her money but another boy.

 “I yelled at them and told them that they were good for nothing youths who went around stealing from others.”

The young man was taken away by police just before Ms Houla’s relatives arrived.

She said while the police were leading the boy away he went up to him and continued punching him.

“We (mothers) are fed up of young people pick-pocketing in the market. I want the police and the Honiara City Council to clean up the markets and get rid of these culprits,” she said.

Ms Houla said she was not the first to experience this.

“There were many cases in which mothers became victims of pick pocketing youths and this has to stop.”

She urges women to watch their bags while shopping at the market.

 “Never carry your bags behind or on your side. Always carry it in the front where you can see it. These youths are very sneaky,” she said.