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Ramohia unseated

FORMER Malaita Provincial Premier Peter Ramohia has lost his Ward 24 seat after being voted out during Wednesday’s Provincial election.

Ririana pleads guilty 

THE driver of the car that crashed and killed a 15 year-old pedestrian near the Honiara City Council (HCC) roundabout last year had confesses to the offences, Friday.


Gov’t to limit round log exports

Alleged con man refused bail 

THE court has on Friday refused bail for a man accused of obtaining a total of $10,000 from five Solomon Islands National University (SINU) students under false pretences.

Submarine on emergency stop over

THE Submarine that surfaced in the water between Honiara and Ngella was here for an emergency stop over.

THL, K-water back schools close to project site

The Tina Hydropower Limited (THL) and Korea Water Resources Corporation last Wednesday on 5 June presented medical, educational and sport materials to four schools situated within the Tina River hydro-power project site.

Gov’t targets improved coverage in census

THE Government (SIG) through the census office within the Solomon Islands National Statistics Office (SINSO), Ministry of Finance and Treasury (MoFT) are determined to make sure every citizens are counted in the coming 2019 national census.

Killer croc slain

A THREE-METRE crocodile was trapped and killed recently around the Kaza village area on Kolombangara Island, Western Province, on Thursday the 6th of June.

Malaitans told to abide by law

MALAITANS are urged to establish dialogue under the law when disputes arise within their communities.

Peaceful election in Auki

WARD 1 in Aoke/Langalanga constituency has witnessed a peaceful polling day in Auki, Wednesday.

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