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Students undergo training

MORE than 15 students from Scripture Union (SU) in Honiara were awarded with certificates, Monday at Scripture Union area, Townground, West Honiara.

Everything is Eternal

Once again, welcome to our second session of discussion on the subject ‘Eternity.’ Last week I bring to your attention the thought that we live in a world where all things are temporary and passing away.

Isabel serious in developing tourism

THE Isabel Provincial government has registered its seriousness in venturing into the tourism industry of the province in full swing.

Farmer glad to receive cattle

A local cattle farmer Frinton Vaka Rere who received seven herds of cattle yesterday from  the first ever distribution in 15 years spoke highly of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Department for the support.

SSEC ordains new Church Minister

South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) has ordained a new church Minister a fortnight ago.

Herds of cattle distributed

Tenavatu cattle farm has lived up to its expectation which saw the first distribution of cattle to local farmers on Monday.

Tourism promotional awareness conducted in Taro

AN AWARENESS and promotional program was conducted in Taro, Choiseul province late last month.

Melanesian Brotherhood conference started Monday

AN official welcome ceremony to the Melanesian Brotherhood ‘Brothers and Companions 13th Great conference was held at the Melanesian Brotherhood (MBH) headquarters at Tabalia, Northwest of Guadalcanal on Friday.

Avu Avu to host next dorcas federation

AVU AVU in the Weathercoast of Guadalcanal will host the next Western District Dorcas women and Adventist men congress in 2016.

South Pacific Cruise Forum

The first South Pacific Cruise Forum will take place in Papeete on Tahiti in French Polynesia Oct. 16 and 17, 2015.