Editor - Solomon Star News


A Good Outcome

Dear Editor - On Saturday afternoon, as I was driving along the main road in front of Westpac a bus needed to pull over to the side of the road and I slowed down for this to happen.

Rodgers’ pledge

Dear Editor – Jimmy Rodgers’ signing of the pledge form against corruption is like putting a cart before the horse. He has yet to test his moral values against the challenges of being in parliament.

Measles campaign in Marovo

Dear Editor – I would like to raise some concerns regarding measles campaign for Marovo Lagoon.

Social problems on the rise

Dear Editor – There is an immense increase in social problems in this country now, than ever before.

Our politics

Dear Editor – When the word “politics” is mentioned, listeners and readers often conjure up images of leaders handing out money, making a lot of empty promises, taking advantage of opportunities to enrich themselves, getting involved in deals that are not transparent and accountable, in general do not care about truth and justice, and actions that are glory seeking.

Choose wisely

Dear Editor – I wish to voice my concern on the upcoming general election, as we are only few weeks away.

Congratulations to medical graduates from Cuba

I wish to congratulate our twenty or so newly graduated medical officers from Cuba (SST.5640) for having gone through the challenge of studying for six years or so in a far away country with a totally different language and communist environment. You have persevered those long years and have now returned to the country.

Speaker resigns

Dear Editor - The above heading which appeared on Saturday 11th October issue of The Solomon Star newspaper, ignites something that needs mentioning

Renbell PS threatened

Dear Editor - We read with interest to note that the current Renbel Provincial Secretary Mr. Baiabe Peseika is under threat of losing his job as adviced from the Ministry of The Provincial Government (MPG) legal advisor.

Out of constituency polling booths

Dear Editor – I write to fully support the call by others to make available out of constituency polling booths here in Honiara. The reasons are already given by at least two of your contributors: A Sasako and Raynet Josh Pitalulu.