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Our position on coronavirus

– In recent weeks, the world was gripped by the impact of the coronavirus in different countries including our own country, Solomon Islands. 

Traffic recommendations

DEAR EDITOR – Out of a concern for safety and cleanliness, I express these thoughts due to the fact that individuals in the Solomon Islands may or may not have been properly exposed to the ideas noted below. 

Clarification on returning Philippines students  

ONLY five local students studying in the Philippines arrived in the Solomon Islands on Tuesday. 

Petition against Tran dismissed

WEST Honiara MP Namson Tran and his constituents are now celebrating after the news to withdraw the petition against him was conveyed through their lawyer, Thursday.

Police warns against wired rumours 

POLICE will be taking action against anyone that posts false information about the coronavirus or COVID-19 on social media.


PM unveils new measures

Let’s not forget about West Papua

Wale meets with ULMWP rep, reiterates the need for Indonesia to allow for UN Human Rights Commissioner into West Papua

Second COVID - 19 suspected case test Negative

No confirmed COVID -19 case in Solomon Islands

PM DCGA recognises need to engage resource owners

The National Government recognises the need to engage our resource owners in any investment and economic activities on their land. 

The Royal Solomon Islands Police Force (RSIPF) Professional Standard and Internal Investigation (PSII) has completed its investigation into the traffic incident involving police officers in a police vehicle near Auki, Malaita Province  allegedly hitting two pedestrians on 29 February 2020. 

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