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Tuke praises voters for peaceful election 

WESTERN Provincial Election Manager Gideon Tuke has praised the people of the province for a peaceful election last week.

Police calm tense situation

POLICE say they managed to contain a possible tension between two rival parties after the death of a male person at Sulufou Island in North East Malaita in an election related incident on Monday 8 April 2019.

In Court with Assumpta Buchanan

* Youth to be sentenced
* Step-grandmother’s fate further deferred

* Sae appeal ruling likely, Friday   
* Pre-trial in casino case

Police probe election related death in Malaita

POLICE are investigating the death of a male person between Sulufou and Oema artificial Islands in Malaita Province on 8 April 2019. 

Election death on Sulufou

POLICE are now on the artificial island of Sulufou in the Baegu/Asifola Constituency to investigate the first election-related violence and death of one person.


Two groups emerge so far

Maefai vows to deliver

NEWLY elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the East Makira Constituency, Charles Maefai has vowed to deliver after being elected last Wednesday.


FORMER Prime Minister and Finance Minister Snyder Rini has been voted out during Wednesday’s National General Election in one of biggest election upsets.

SI at risk of tsunami 

SOLOMON Islands is at a high risk of facing tsunami because more than 200 kilometers of its subduction zone is found underwater, says a Taiwanese researcher Chin Shang Ku.

Ete lauds support

FORMER Member of Parliament (MP) for East Honiara Constituency who has retained his seat in parliament for the third time has thanked the people of East Honiara.

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