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Tickets for Shaggy available

14 January 2014

TICKETS for Shaggy’s concert next month is now available at Heritage Park Hotel as of yesterday.

The 1996 Grammy Winner for best Reggae Album, will stage one show at the car park of Heritage Park Hotel.
Ticket costs $350.

According to Heritage park hotel, Shaggy is currently on tour of the pacific promoting his new album ‘Out Of Many One Music’.

The new album was released on September 24 last year, and sold 741 copies in its first week of release.

“Aim to bring Shaggy to Honiara, a world class artist, in order to give this island fame that it deserves,” the hotel said.

“Being shaggy an international artist will only do one show.”

The Jamaican-American reggae-pop singer and rapper is heading to our shores and will arrive on the 1st of February.

He will perform on the 2nd of February at the car park.

Shaggy is one of reggae’s most commercially successful artists. His 2000 album Hot Shot sold more than 20 million copies worldwide.

Heritage Park Hotel is working together with Solbrew, one of the major sponsors for this event, to make this event a success.