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Julian Marley rocks Honiara

09 January 2014

REGGAE sensation Julian Marley rocked Honiara in a stunning two-hour show at Panatina yesterday.

From the popular tone of his late father Bob Marley; Julian was no exception to spreading the word of peace, unity and harmony.

He sang hit songs from his three albums ‘Lion in the Morning’, ‘A Time and Place’ and ‘Awake’ including some of his latest singles.

Rocking the crown even more were songs known globally of his father from Stand Up, One Love, Exodus and Rastaman Vibration hit the show’s top chart.

A fan, Kelvin Jagz said he enjoyed the show to the fullest.

“It’s the greatest Jamaican musician who visited Solomon Islands and I am so fortunate to be one of those attended the show,” he said.

“Moreover it’s the son of the king of reggae Bob Marley, a history for this country for his visit,” he added.        

Julian performed infront of a packed ground to thousands of dancing fans.

Organiser, James Moore said it is the show’s intention with its theme to gather Solomon Islands together as one people.

He said Julian Marley will be down in the records to be the first to open this first ever ‘iumi wan festival’ which will be made an annual event.

Moore said it is unfortunate that it might be a small event but sure the next one will be much bigger.