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Cowboys Grill disappoints musical bands

07 January 2014

LOCAL Bands and musical artists that performed at the Cowboys Grill on New Year’s night party have expressed disappointment over the organizers ‘failure’ to pay them.

The four bands and artists include; Taina Gee, Jah Boy, Ronluz and 56 Hop Rod.

According to the bands, they were all promised $2000 each to perform two 30 minute gigs each at the party, and that they will be paid straight after performing.

However to their dismay and disappointment, all bands were informed that they will be contacted later to collect their payments.

“Some of us had to sacrifice our other gigs at the other clubs and entertainment centres just to perform at the Cowboy’s Grill party that night.

“All because we were told that we will perform an hour gig and then collect our payments straight after.

“Not only that but because we wanted to give the many people that came something to remember through our performances,” popular solo artist, Taina Gee said.

“They beg us to perform for them but after all fail to pay us for our hard work.
“Not only that but all throughout the week, we have all been in suspense not knowing how and when we will get paid as no one even had the courtesy to give us any updates on the matter.”

Ronluz vocalist, Mandre said the organisers and Cowboys Grill have sent a wrong message to musical bands.

Solomon Star understands that one of the key organisers and promoters of the program, Michael Chan is still on his vacation overseas.