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Musicians call for re-structuring of SIMF

07 January 2014

MUSICIANS in the country are calling for a total re-structuring of the Solomon Islands Music Federation (SIMF) this year 2014.

The call came following what many musicians described as a very unproductive year last year, all of which had been blamed on the SIMF for its lack of organization and vision.

“There was also failure to organize major music events and setting up opportunities for artists and musical bands to help promote and market themselves not only in the country but also throughout the region.

“It seems we do not have a music governing body that would manage and take care of all the artists in the country.

“This was simply because we did not at all see nor did we hear anything from the so-called music federation which in my view was totally dead or dysfunctional,” popular solo artist, Taina Gee said.

The mix genre musician added that more and more musicians are emerging in the country and that it is the role of the federation to nurture, promote and market them.

“It is the role of the music federation to help these upcoming artists fulfill their dreams just like those of us who have struggled our way throughout the years and helped fulfill ours.

“This is the thing that is lacking in our music industry, a body expected to stand for musicians,” he said.

Applauding Mr Taina Gee’s remarks, other established musicians agreed that it was time that a total re-structuring of the music federation is done.

“We need new active members and leaders to carry forward our music federation to newer heights as our local music is ever becoming more popular not only in the region but also throughout the entire globe,” other musicians said.