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Solo Icon audition kicks off

03 June 2014

The 2014 Solo Icon audition kicks off on Sunday 25th May and 1st of June at the SIBC conference room in Honiara.

This was part of a screening and selection process to handpick individuals who wish to be part of this year’s competition.

The enrolment of individual’s enlisting for the competition started off last year 2013, immediately after the grand finale.

This in itself reveals the popularity the program had with children and youth in the country.

The three categories within the competition include Young Executive, age 9 – 14 years old, Icon, age 15 – 29 years old and Star School duet.

This year number of schools decided to do their own audition to select individuals who would respect represent school.

This initiative adds to the process of ownership that schools had to make sure their school are better represented.

The dates for icon elimination rounds falls in on the 22nd June, 6th & 20th July and 3rd and 17 August at the Multi-Purpose Hall.

The organizers of the competition “Global Youth Leadership Nexus” will be working with partners to confirm the theme for this year’s competition.

Those were able to find placement in this years competition include: Marlon Sia, Laurence Osifera, Joanie Trixy, Jamie Flier, Christopher Aupuru, Sted Rodox, Razel Habotu, Simon Abita, Caroline Isa, Linder Telepanabo, Javen Taupongi, Simon Jas, Amilia Bethel, Luke Allen, Darren Houkaraua, Junior Houkaraua, Audrey David, Willie Salu, Mark Meloli, Stony Sio, Ruddy Anisi, Zina Leguvaka, Zaniela Bethel, Grace Mera’e, Metol Ma’esulia, Zina Ta’esia, Lyia Paul, Marlon Tahioha, Tiana Rade, Delma Nori, Karen Wairia, Hamis Lex. Jino Oti, Zaniel Rupaket, Rose Willie, Briz Bonny, Virginia Makini and Kesty Mana.



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