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Local songsters graduated with vocal skills

03 August 2015

MORE than 30 local female and male songsters have graduated with certificates after they successfully completed a vocal training at Honiara hotels Club Le Flamingo, last Friday.

Dubbed as ‘Singing like a star’, the workshop was being conducted by Elly Oh – a touring star participant of ‘The Voice Australia 2014’, and one of the most versatile musician, song writer and Performer.

It was an initiative by Crown Sound Entertainment in partnership with the Honiara Hotel management.

 ‘Singing like a star’ workshop has covered vocal lessons like, posture and breathing, creating the sounds of singing, articulation: singing words that communicate, the magic of chest, middle and head voice, how to do Falsetto, and also stage movements.

Speaking at the workshop, Placid Walekwate of the Crown Sound Entertainment group told the participants to make use of what they have learnt.

“We feel that this opportunity is important to build the music industry here.

“This is a step forward for you to become a professional star and I hope this workshop will take you to the next level,” he said.

John Bakeua from the Ministry of Home Affairs was the guest of honour and he also delivered an encouraging remarks.

“At the moment, the music industry is now being looked after by the Ministry of Home Affairs, under the leadership of the DCC government.

“We are trying to secure some funding for music and we will be doing the same as we have done for sports in the country.

“As music lovers, you must take the leading role to promote our music industry,” Mr Bakeua told the participants.

He encouraged the participants that when formal education ends, there is another opportunity and the vocal training was one of the many opportunities that lie ahead.

“Your voice is that ability that can give you million of dollars today.

“So, don’t waste any moment. Such opportunity is rare and you may pay more for such training.

“So, make use of this opportunity,” he added.