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Participants: Vocal training gives green light

03 August 2015

THE PARTICIPANTS of a vocal training which was facilitated by the touring artist Elly Oh has commended the training saying that it was an eye opener and a mind changer.

Speaking to this paper in an interview during the training on Friday, they said that what they have learnt from the workshop will help them to be successful artists in the near future.

“This training is really an eye opener and a mind changer.

“We have been singing for quite some times now and now that we have fair ideas about singing, it will be a boost to our career.

“We just want to thank Elly Oh for rendering her time to teach us more about singing,” a group of female songsters said.

Another male participant that was interviewed after the workshop also shared similar thoughts.

“This training has given me green light ahead of my many dreams.

“It is an opportunity for me because I have not had such training since I started singing few years ago,” a male participant told this paper.

Meanwhile, speaking at the close of the training, the organizers of the event said that they will be bringing in more international artists to the country in the coming months and many more vocal trainings are be coming up.