17 February 2014

Honiara have welcome and celebrated this new year by witnessing mega performances from duo international artists put on by reggae legend son ‘Julian Marley’ and bombastic man himself ‘Shaggy’.

However this time next month we will be proud and sensational to hear from our Pacific Islands renowned artists – George Fiji Veikoso and Spawn Breezie.

A big music show has been already arranged whereby George Fiji Veikoso and Spawnbreezie are due to perform in Honiara on 15th and 16th.

And once again in the spirit of 2014, March is definitely a month to look forward to.

The host Cowboys Bar Grill, Bar and restaurant proudly announced yesterday that renowned Crown Sound entertainment has already made exclusive arrangement with viable agents of both artists.

Restaurant owner Johnny Sy said he was excited to be involved in hosting such a music show.

George Fiji Veikoso is one of the biggest Polynesian artists of our time. Veikoso, originally from Fiji Islands with Tongan Roots is apparently based in Hawaii.

It has been said that, Veikoso, never wanted to forget his homeland thus he prefer to use ‘Fiji’ as his stage name.  

Solomon Islanders are not new listeners and fan however, to Fiji’s music whose earlier albums were echoed on the streets of Honiara with hits like ‘Sweet Darlin’ and ‘Smokin Session’.

More recent albums have churned out the current favourites ‘Lonely Days’, ‘Love of My Life’ and ‘Morning Ride’ to name a few.

His golden voice and musical blends have promoted him on the world stage as a pioneer of the Pacific Island Sound.

A fusion of classic reggae, Hip-Hop, R & B and Jazz set Fiji apart as a performer. His unique style defies the idea of categorizing artists into a single genre of music, giving Fiji widespread appeal and capturing his array of musical influences.

For those that love Hawaiian-style Hip Hop, Fiji offers established fans his recognizable energy and remarkable personality. Newcomers to his music embrace his smooth voice and exotic sound.

Hours before the deal was signed, Fiji’s agent let it drop that among the 10-men delegation that would be accompanying Fiji, would be Spawnbreezie and asked if we were aware of his music? What an absolute bonus for Solomon Islands.

With the combinations of island music, roots reggae and hip-hop, Spawnbreezie has formed a new kind of sound; he calls “island hip-hop”. Spawnbreezie whose real name- Anapongi Fau is of Samoan descent, but currently lives in US.

Cowboy’s Grill, Bar and Restaurant, however, are doubly glad that Spawnbreezie, though apparently has never visited Samoa, will be visiting our very own Solomon Islands where he will most likely perform many of his songs which have received a lot of radio play in Honiara; songs like “Don’t Let Go”, “Oh My Goodness” and “I’m In Love”.

Fiji Veikoso will be performing at a corporate dinner which will be held at the Cowboys Grill, Bar and Restaurant on the 15th March 2014 and then a public show will be held in the Supreme/Jina Restaurant carpark on the 16th March 2014 with both shows having featured sets from Spawnbreezie.

Journalism student