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SSEC school authority congratulate Kilusakwalo

26 August 2016

South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) education authority has congratulated Kilusakwalo Christian Community High School (KCCHS) for taking ownership of a new science lab and a new home economics lab.

The congratulations message was deliverd to the KCCHS staff and students by the SSEC school coordinator Judith Pa’ahanua yesterday during the formal handing over of the new school learning facilities.

Ms Judith during her congratulation remarks thanked the community of Kilusakwalo, the school administration, teachers, staff and students for the fine achievement.

“May I congratulate the principal, staff, students and Kilusakwalo community members for this great and wonderful achievement. I believe much good will spring forth from those who will be using the building for the glory of God,” she said.

With that she said on behalf of the South Sea Evangelical Church (SSEC) education authority wishes to thank the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development for providing the necessary funds to fund the school development at Kilusakwalo school.

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