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Gospel monument erected

16 January 2014

A MONUMENT to mark the arrival of gospel by Catholic missionaries in Langalanga lagoon of Malaita some 100 years ago was erected on Foudoru.

The people of the village and surrounding communities celebrated the centenary last year.

The Solomon Star on Tuesday travelled through the Langalanga lagoon and came across the monument on the small island.

One of the villagers, Roselyn Kaldino said that the centenary was celebrated last year at their village in Foudoru.

Ms Kaldino said that it was a sign of honour and respect towards the missionary who without him they would not have known Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior.

She said that not only they have celebrated this century monument but the whole province of Malaita which shows respect to the one who brought in the gospel.

She added that Foudoru is just one of the villages that have celebrated the years of toiling with the gospel and now they have been overjoyed that this gospel will carry on from their ancestors to the younger generations.
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