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Local youths raise funds for Vanuatu church

16 January 2014

YOUTHS from Varamatta Seventh Day Adventist Church in Honiara last week helped raise 50,000 vatu ($3,750) for the extension of a Church on Pele Island in Vanuatu.

The youths who travelled to Vanuatu after Christmas to attend Vanuatu’s National Youth Congress early this year, organised a praise and give concert at which the Varamatta youth, along with its affiliated group, the Soul Seekers, performed targeting the extension of the Church building.

Speaking to this paper upon their return over the weekend, one of the youth leaders, Raynick Jack said the tour was indeed a blessing not only to themselves but also to the Church members in Vanuatu.

“Especially the concert we held at Pele Island for the church building extension, it was truly a blessing,” he said.

“We saw the mighty hand and work of God flourish through people’s minds and hearts, seeing them give their offerings and finally coming up with such a huge amount indeed.

“God truly does works in mysterious ways and he has indeed shown his work through people’s giving and offerings which were all to enhance God’s commission,” Mr Jack said.

He also added that the good thing about the Church building was that it was both used by the Seventh Day Adventists and the Presbyterian Church members.

“All members of this Church building, though not from the same denomination came together, praised and gave together all for the extension, development and the enhancement of their local Church and we the youths who came all the way from Solomon Islands were indeed honoured to have been part of the program,” he said.

Mr Jack also added that upon handing over the money collected through the concert to the community Chiefs and Church leaders on Pele Island, they recieved huge praises, especially having come all the way from another country to support them extend their church.

“All in all it was truly an experience that all of us the youths from Varamatta were glad to have been part of,” he said.

The Youths arrived back in the country on Sunday, after spending more than two weeks ministering in Vanuatu.