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Govt donates to St Paul Sulufou

14 January 2014

Deputy Prime Minister Manasseh Maelanga yesterday delivered a government donation of $20,000 to St. Paul’s Sulufou Church, North East Malaita.

The donation was intended to assist the Anglican community on Sulufou to celebrate the opening of their newly built Church, which was consecrated on December 28th 2013.

The Deputy Prime Minister was invited to the ceremony but was unable to attend due to bad weather.

Despite the aborted trip, Mr. Maelanga has assured the people of Sulufou that the Government was happy to help the celebrations in a small way.

“Today I deliver to you $20,000 which I planned to pledge during my trip and I am happy that we are now able to do that,” Mr. Maelanga said.

He believed that the money would be useful to the Sulufou community especially in their efforts to maintain the new church building.

Representatives from the community have acknowledged the assistance.