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Youths showcase God-given talents

14 December 2013

YOUTHS around Visale, west Guadalcanal, showcased their God-given talents at a recent gospel music concert at was held last week at the Visale Mission Station.

The programme, which lasted for three days, brought youths from around the nearby communities.

 Six bands performed onstage, while more than 500 youths participated in the three-day activities.

At the closing ceremony, parish pastoral council rep, Jeffery Rapasia thanked the youths for their participation and support.

 “Without your support and contribution this three-day concert will not be possible,” he said.

“I believe that programmes like this will keep our youths occupied and keep them away from engaging in illegal and unwanted activities,” Mr Rapasia said.

He also thanked the organising committee for their hard work.

Mr Rapasia said funds raised during the concert will be channelled towards the 110th anniversary of Visale Parish next year.

Community leader chief Moris Taovia thanked provincial leaders who supported the event with money.

“I now call on chiefs, community leaders, church leaders and the government to work closely with youths to help them involve in activities that are good for their life,” he said.

“One way to help youths get rid of unlawful activities is to engage them through such programme like this,” Mr Taovia said.

One of the youths spoken to said the event achieved its objectives by bringing youths together for the three days.

“It was an exciting programme. All of us enjoyed it. We’ve had this great time sharing and learning from each other.

“Also, we’ve witnessed some hidden musical talents from those within our communities,” he said.

Parish priest Fr Peter Hou ‘Hou also thanked the surrounding communities of Visale for their genuine support and cooperation.

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