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Mt Horeb Church visitors’ day

24 May 2014

Visitors’ day is an occasion when thousands of Seventh Day Adventists (SDA) churches invites their weak members or backsliders and non-Adventist members within their communities to be encouraged and enriched and to share God’s word to enrich or strengthen church members within communities they are located.

Mt Horeb SDA Church visitors’ day fell on the 17th of May which is last Sabbath. The guest speaker of the day was the President of Solomon Islands Mission of SDA, Pastor George Fafale.

He encouraged weak members and enriched the congregation with a spiritual topic: God is love in sending his son to die on the cross. And to all who believe on Him and continue to obey and love him and do His will, will be strengthened and prepare their lives for the next eternal Kingdom when He comes on His second coming.

A solemn question was asked by the guest speaker for the day: “What shall we do with the Man call Jesus Christ?, “a question which was asked by Governor Pilate of Rome who prosecuted Jesus in his judgment hall two thousand years ago when the Jews and the Romans hanged Him on the Cross.

The question was put to the congregation, for each and every one to love Jesus and accept His supreme sacrifice on the cross for the penalty of sin.

An appeal was made for people to accept Christ’s sacrifice for humanity by the President and more than 20 young people stood and gave their hearts and lives to accept and follow Jesus.