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Production of Owa New Testament underway

28 May 2014

Owa speakers from Santa Ana, Makira province are gathering at the SITAG/BTLP property for the purpose of producing an audio recording of the Owa New Testament.

Mr. Renato and Mrs. Rose Lacubay, volunteers serving with Faith Comes by Hearing, are in the country to oversee the recording project. 

More than 25 readers are needed for the recording for the various voices and Bible Characters.  After the recording is complete, it will be taken to the Philippines for final editing which will include adding music and sound effects.

Faith Comes by Hearing produced a similar recording of the Pijin New Testament which was launched in 2008. 

Some Owa people are still needed to help with the recording of the New Testament.  The recording team is specifically looking for an Owa speaking boy about 12 years old to read the part of Jesus in the Temple, a young woman and several men. 

Owa speakers who are interested in auditioning for reading parts can contact Pastor John Waiwori at 76 96835 or call the SITAG office at 23646.