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St James feast celebrated

28 July 2014

Companions within the Diocese of Central Melanesia have gathered yesterday to commemorate St James feast day St Barnabas Cathedral in Honiara.

Hundreds of companion members, members of the Melanesian Brotherhood and other religious societies’ members within the Anglican Church of Melanesia (ACOM) got together to mark the St James day with holy Eucharist and feasting.

The Bishop of the Diocese of Central Melanesia and father of the Melanesian Brotherhood His Grace Archbishop the Right Reverend David Vunagi was the chief celebrant.

St. James is an important occasion for the Melanesian Brotherhood said Archbishop Vunagi.

He said apostles James, John and Peter are the inner cycle of the disciples because they are the disciples Jesus first called to follow him.

“Our challenge is how will we response to our call to be a companion and how will we support the work of the Melanesian Brotherhood.

“If you want to be great, then you must be servant and if you want to be first then you must be a salve,” said His Grace added.

Right Rev. Vunagi said as the members of the companion ministry they must adjust to the values of been a servant and salve to accomplish our mission goals.

The companions must spiritually and practically support the work of the brotherhood and these are the key components of your duties said, the Father of Brotherhood.

The holy service was led by the Melanesian Brotherhood Tabalia choir.

Tabalia choir performed the traditional dancing during glory and offertory which was unique in the Melanesian stay of worshipping.    

In acknowledging the members of the congregation St. Barnabas Cathedral’s Reverend Gerald Porowai has thanked His Grace Archbishop the Right Re David Vunagi, Members of the Melanesian Brotherhood and the Tabalia choir, church clerics, companions and the members of Anglican Communion for attending the celebration.

A feast was held after the holy Eucharist for the guests and the members of Communion.