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Church ends leaders’ summit

01 September 2014

A week-long gathering for United Church leaders at Koleasi village in east Guadalcanal, ended last Thursday.

The annual event was held to discuss issues within the church and to look at reports of activities and programmes conducted in each region.

Superintendent Minister of Guadalcanal region Rev Philip Kaegasi said the meeting enable them to come together and discuss church developments, justice issues, finances and strengthen the work of the church.

“Those are the main issues discussed for leaders to see which areas leaders need to improve on,” Kaegasi said.

He said issues discussed and reports produced will be submitted to the church’s regional assembly.

He said during the week they elected new church leaders and bishop to serve in the church until next year’s synod.

Kaegasi confirmed that the next host will be Rendova in Western Province.

Meanwhile,Rev Bromley Chuchu thanked church leaders for their participation in the meeting.

He reminded them to continue working together towards the next meeting.