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Rally to mark 120 years of gospel

22 September 2014

Malu’u in North Malaita came alive over the weekend with the celebration of the 120 years anniversary since the arrival of South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) mission work in that region.

The celebration was held over three days during a Sunday school youth rall ywhich was organised by the SSEC church.

Theme for the programme was “Be God’s Channel of Blessing to Others.”

Youth groups from all over the region of Malaita have attended the programme.

Guest speaker during the celebration was elder Michael Maesugea who shared Gods word during the programme.

Speaking at the official opening at Malu’u chairman of the organizing committee Hendry Joshes Kanirara said the hosting of the program was not a mistake as it was held at the spot where Peter Ambuofa landed with the good news.

“We gather at the very significant historical site call KAKALE or AENA THA WANE KAU where the gospel/good news of salvations of the lord Jesus Christ was brought by Peter Ambuofa.

 “The Good news of the Lord Jesus Christ brought by Peter Ambuofa and he landed at Malu’u on the 4th July 1894.

“Today it is now 120 years ago which was celebrated here as well on the 14 July 2014.

“On behalf of the organizing committee members, North Association Chief Elder Association, Exco, local Church Elders, Pastors of Northern Region Associations Sundays school I wish you all a happy youth rally Sundays school celebrations.”

In Auki