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Aisiko hosts Sunday school training

23 September 2014

A three day program for Anglican Sunday School teachers and children was held at Aisiko Parish, Central Kwara’ae Malaita province over the weekend.

The program was co-organized through a partnership of Dukwasi and Aisiko parish and was held at Abetaba’a community in Aisiko parish from Friday to Sunday.

Sunday school ministries from both parishes took part in the three day program.

Speaking during one of the training sessions Dukwasi Parish Sunday School coordinator Ms. Delilah Lamani said the program was to build God’s church and children.

“We are here to train you how to prepare lessons and how to present the lessons for your Sunday school children in your communities.

“Many of us don’t have great concern for our young children, but we should know that our children are the nursery of the future church, if we don’t care or lead them in a good Christian life the church will surely be dying out.

“We must teach them about God and how to know Him and to bring them to Christ’s light.

“In our country we have more social problems especially criminal activities. Those that involved in those activities are youths, so this is the next stage for these children to enter in that age group so we must be careful and we must involve these children in church activities,” she said.

The program last weekend saw four communities namely Aisiko, Goriagalu, Abetaba’a and Mamalade Sunday school groups coming together.

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