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Monument unveiled to honour arrival of gospel

30 September 2014

A monument to honour a local who brought the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) faith to Solomon Islands was unveiled last week in Munda, Western province.

Norman Wheatley from Munda was the first to invite the Adventist gospel.

This year marks the 100 years since the arrival of Adventist gospel in Solomon Islands.

Last week about 2000 dorcas members who have gathered in Munda for the week-long congress witnessed the unveiling of the monument to mark the first arrival Adventist faith in Munda.

The ceremony took place at Munda SDA compound on the land of Norman Wheatley.

Mr Wheatley first brought the Adventist faith into Solomon Islands in 1914.

He worked in one of the hospitals in Australia as a trader where he met an Adventist missionary GF Jones.

GF Jones was planning to come over to Solomon Islands when Mr Wheatley approached him about his place in Munda.

Mr Whetley and GF Jones arrived in Munda with the Adventist faith but were unwelcomed therefore GF Jones left Munda and planted the faith at Viru on New Georgia Islands before the mission work spreads throughout the country.

On Friday the last surviving daughter of Norman Whitley, Joyce Kilivisi, 94, was the guest of honour to unveil the monument.

She was led by her granddaughters to officially unveil the monument.

Today Adventist work in Munda and parts of the country has grown as a result of the work done by the Adventist pioneers in the country.