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Youths learn about mercy of God

06 November 2014

Youth who attended the Divine Mercy congress yesterday at Holy Cross Cathedral, were spiritually empowered from the presentation that was given by the main speakers, Mrs Lesina Levi from Samoa and Mr John from Australia.

The message given was mainly on the Divine Mercy of God.

From the presentation the youth learnt more about the Mercy of God and gain extra strength to go forward with Christ in their lives. Some of the youth said that they were very happy to have this opportunity and it is a blessing to attend the congress.

The presenter Mr John shared his testimony about his life when he was a youth. He said that during his youthful life, he came to the point when he did not want to believe in God, that was when his sister died in front of him because of some brain disease.

He tried to save his sister but he could not manage, so he got angry with God and even did not want to believe that God is really exit.

He lived a reckless live until one day when he was 29 years, he entered the church and knelt before the Tabernacle and said, “God I don’t know if I believe in you, but if you’re there, please help me”. From that time on God changed his life. He lived a prayerful life and it was even stronger, when he came to discover the Divine Mercy of God in his life and the life of his family.

Since his conversion he now distributed 1 million copies of Divine Mercy prayers throughout the Pacific Region.

With the testimonies given the youth were encouraged to put their trust in Jesus and never lose faith in God’s Mercy.

The speakers also empowered them (youth) by sharing promises that Jesus has made to those who trust in him, make known his Divine Mercy Image, see Jesus in every mankind and pray the Divine Mercy Prayer in their homes and elsewhere.  

The congress began on Thursdayand will continue until Saturday.

By Christina Houaisuta
Catholic Communications Solomons