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Youths learn more about Christian faith

26 May 2015

Youths that took part in the weekend camp out at the St. Mary Tanagai Catholic Parish have learnt more about the teachings of the Christian life.

In his message to the youths in an open Mass service, Fr. Jacob Abba challenges the youths in their Christian faith.

“In life the utmost fear is present and it is hard for us to deny.

“Youths that have participated in this event are here to receive something.

“They have braved the heat of the Sun and the downfall of the heavy rain just to get something,” Fr. Jacob said.

He believed that the youths have learnt a lot in their Christian life and told them to refrain from ungodly attitudes.

Youth Coordinator of the Parish, Timothy Jackson Fitolo also shared similar sentiments.

“I believe the youths have learnt a lot in this gathering.

“The powerful talks that were conducted by Fr. Jacob is a real challenge to these young people.

“I think the main aim of this week end camping is achieved,” Mr Fitolo told this paper.

He also thanked the youths for behaving very well during the course of the three days event.