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Grand feast day celebration in Buma Catholic Church

26 May 2015

Veni Santo Spiritus was celebrated in style by the Holy Spirit Parish at Buma Catholic Church last Sunday.

Prior to the celebration the sport tournament was kicked off on May 19th, 2015 and the final game was played on Sunday May 24th.

The one week of sport and spiritual enrichment came to its closure with three hundred and twelves candidates confirmed to the sacrament of Confirmation by his Lordship Bishop John Doaninoel sm, Auxiliary bishop of the Archdiocese of Honiara.

Fr. John Adai the parish priest with Fr. Albert, Fr. James and Fr. Gabriel together with the parish pastoral council and a group of lively young people organized this one week of activities in a spirit of renewal and mission.

The parish is made up of eight zones and each erected their own camp and provided for their own food.   The highlight of various activities was the interaction of parishioners especially the young people with various religious congregations who were invited by the parish priest to come and share their mission work with the young people of the parish in the light of enlightening them to make choices either for marriage life, priesthood life, religious life or single life.

The young people were encourage to pray and have time to reflect and listen attentively to what God wants from each one of us.

In the light of Vocation Information and awareness, each congregation was given a booth to display posters, information, pamphlets, fliers and even power point presentations.  This was very much appreciated by the parish priest and the chairman, Mr. Joseph Lafea expressed this in his heartfelt gratitude to all religious orders that were able to make it to Buma Parish.

Those present were the Salesian Sisters -FMA, Salesian of Don Bosco –SDB, DMI Sisters, SMSM Sisters, Marist Fathers SM, Dominican Sisters, MA Sisters and Charity Sisters.

On the Sunday of the feastday of the parish came alive with the eight zones came together to celebrate and to witness the great day for three hundred and twelve young candidates for the Sacrament of Confirmation.  Fr. John Adai declared this gathering a successful one as no one was disturbing the prayerful and joyful atmosphere.  All the parishioners returned home and carried with them the story of the great event.

In the homily of Bishop John Doaninoel sm, he encourage parents to assist their children in their faith and help them with living out of their conviction by their promise to be witness of Jesus as the disciples went out to proclaim the good news when they were filled with holy Spirit.

He also reminds all the faithful to be strong in educating our children to feel loved in our families.  He wishes everyone a happy feastday and the day concluded with a great hymn to the Holy Spirit.  The parishioners are now looking forward for another day like this next year.

By Sr. Sesilia Sala


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