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Catholic women prepares for assumption of Virgin Mary

15 July 2015

Catholic women from West Guadalcanal are preparing towards their religious event set for the 15th of August this year to mark the assumption of Virgin Mary, which will be held at Tangarare, South West Guadalcanal.

Speaking to this paper, Solomon Star North West Guadalcanal stringer John Toki highlighted the preparation of Visale women for the church event, saying that meetings are well underway between women and village elders to ensure they are ready for the upcoming anniversary.

Toki added, the provincial member for Sangalu ward Brian Tuva already held consultations with those ladies of West Guadalcanal to address some of their needs that deemed necessary for his assistance.

Toki further stated that according to the Catholic believers the date set to commemorate Virgin Mary assumes her bodily ascension to Heaven, which the church will always cherished, as a religious festival celebrated annually and globally by the Roman Catholic faith.

“This is the time for women in the church to remember and take pride of the event, which tributes the entry of Virgin Mary in the Kingdom of God,” he said.

He added that the chairman for Catholic mothers of Visale Parish has urged all ladies to be prepared for their religious day, where women could have the opportunity to show their importance in our communities, in terms of the role they played in development of our societies and this country.

“The role of Virgin Mary as a mother to our saviour must be reflected in our women to prove that they are good mothers who natured all Solomon Islanders to become God-fearing leaders and citizens,” Toki concluded his statement.