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Dorcas congress ends

16 July 2015

THE week-long Docas congress meeting hosted in Afutara, West Kwaio, Malaita province ended peacefully on Tuesday.

Members of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) Dorcas societies from around the country converged into Afutara for the important meeting.

According to the Beverlyn Maega, the Adventist women director within the Solomon Islands Mission (SIM) revealed that it was a successful meeting that brought together a huge numbers of women.

About 2000 women around the country attended the program.

Malaita premier Peter Ramohia and his deputy Alick Maeaba were the guests at the opening ceremony last Thursday.

The theme for the congress was ‘Heaven is counting on you.’

She said that during the congress, the ladies were able to hear from the various societies about their work and they reflected on their achievements and their plans for the next few years.

During the program the ladies also went out into the communities to visit the elderly and disable people by giving them soaps, clothes and other materials, Mrs. Maega revealed.

She described the program as a successful one and everyone early enjoyed it.

The next congress meeting is set to be hosted in Kukudu, Western province in 2020.

Most of the women from Honiara and other provinces arrived back in Honiara yesterday and will return to their respective provinces in the coming days and weekend.