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The voice in the wilderness

10 August 2015

In August 7th 2015, thirty-five students from Don Bosco Rural Training Centre (DBRTC)-Tetere shared various messages on topics related to their English classes at the CCS studio.

Its aim is to reach out to young people to be honest citizens and good Christians of their beloved country - Solomon Islands.

The Catholic Communications Director and English teacher, Sr. Sesilia Sala with her staff offered their expertise to help the students to gain self-confidence, maintain high self-esteem, and enhance knowledge of how to use their voices effectively to deliver messages related to their studied topics to the listeners especially the young people of Solomon Islands.

The topics were suggested by the students during their English classes.  They are related to most problems that the young people are facing and caught up with.  The topics are Domestic Violence, Drugs, Social Life and Unemployment. This program will be broadcast via SIBC on Fridays under the programs run by the Catholic Communications.

One of the students shared this with one of the staff, “This is my first time and probably I think for most of us to be in the studio to do recording.  It was good to do mocking recording first as to make us feel confidence”.

Another, “I am so happy to use my voice to help any young person who is caught us with the mentioned topics at least to help as it helped me when we have group discussions at school.”

Fr. Joseph Thanh sdb and two student volunteers from Italy, Lawrence and Luigi accompanied the students to the Catholic Communication office and studio.

The students were well prepared for their various topics and they were very happy to extend their knowledge to do recording messages.  This exercise is to help the students to speak and project their voices without fear.

The opportunity was well appreciated by the students and they asked if they could be given another session later on.  The CCS is offering Media Education to schools, parish groups and any groups that would like to practice recording.  This can be arranged with the Director ahead of time.

-Sr. Sesilia Sala FMA