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Celebrating an achievement

17 August 2015

The community of St Peter, Gizo, Western province has opened a training center 4 years ago under the inspiration and guidance of Saint John Bosco.

Over the weekend it was their turn to invite guests and join them in celebrating the 200 birth anniversary of St John Bosco, celebrated widely over 132 countries in the 5 continents.

Bishop Luciano Capelli, sdb of the Gizo Diocese said, the great intuition of Don Bosco has been to inspire dignity, values and skills into young people who lost any other chance for a good education.

“As an Universal value promoter Don Bosco runs schools for Muslims, buddists, Hindus, Christians… into good church people and honest citizens of their country.

“Honesty, hard work, values and skills are what these young students have promoted and proclaimed proudly today.

“A new nation needs a new brand of youth, we are proud of these youth and of their new attitudes in life.”