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St Peter RTC, kindy open day

18 August 2015

 St Peter Rural Training Centre (RTC) and the Kindergarten school in Gizo, Western province successfully conducted its open day on Friday.

The Supervising Premier for the Western Provincial government officially declared the day opened.

 Hon. Marlon Lopoto also declared open a new general workshop of learning for the training centre by cutting the ribbon after it was blessed by Most. Rev Bishop  Luciano Capelli SDB on Friday - 14th August.

The general workshop was built and handed over to the Catholic Diocese of Gizo by the New Zealand Government and Caritas NZ.

The open day was witnessed by parents, students from Gizo community high school, Ngari community high school and Titiana school along with various youth groups in Gizo who are invited for the event.

The program started with a morning Mass celebrated by Most. Rev Luciano Capelli SDB.

In his homily when addressing the students at St Peter’s Cathedral, he said; “You can Run, jump, make noise, but do not Sin, Value life as the most precious gift from God, you are born to do greater things.”

Since the day also marked Don Bosco’s 200 years from birth, he shared Bosco’s Charism and the love he showed for children and youths. “It is enough that you are young for me to love you,” Bishop said. 

 The second part was an orientation, an overview brief for the different programmes since the establishment of the training centre and the kindergarten in Gizo.

The day has enabled all guests students and parents to visit the whole school.

Fr. Stephen Te’e, the principal of the training centre; was very honored by the presence of schools, youth groups parents that showed up during the day.

Also there were five (5) ex-students of the training centre who were there testifying on their achievements after graduated.

The day was ended with entertainments from students of RTC which screams the day.

By Nascia Pae                                                                                                
Catholic Communication                                                                                       
Diocese of Gizo