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Miracle to Aust for youth camp

15 April 2014

A local gospel singing group - Miracle left for Australia early this week to participate in a youth program.

The tour was made possible through an invitation from South Australia conference of the Seventh Day Adventist (SDA) church.

The group will take part in singing during the youth camp at Tanuda, South Australia.

The group that left consisted of 10 members, six singers and 4 officials.

The group’s director Lloyd Tahani said Miracle was glad to receive an invitation to join in the youth camp.

He said its first time for the group to travel out and the members are pleased to join the camp, to share and experience new things.

He said group will spend a week in South Australia and a week in Sydney where they will join the local community there to raise funds for the recent Honiara flash flood.

Karrie Jonisi one of the group members said she was excited to be part of the group and travel attend the youth camp.

“It would give us the opportunity to create friendship with brothers and sisters in South Australia.”

She said the program will benefit the group by ways of exposing the members to overseas countries and help to strengthen their Christian life.