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Lilisiana to dramatize the crucifixion drama in Auki

15 April 2014

The well know Lilisiana Dram group will be dramatizing the Good Fridays station of the cross about the suffering Jesus hours before his death some 2,000 years ago.

The drama will start in front the Auki store in the morning and will be processing up to Saint Augustine Cathedral where Jesus will be crucified.

This was revealed on Palm Sunday by Auki Diocesan Bishop Chris Cardon.

“We will be witnessing a lively drama that will be put on by the Lilisiana drama Group on Good Friday”.

“Our procession will start in front of the Auki store”.

Joseph Kwaisuia, leader of the Lilisiana Drama group said they have prepared and looking forward to put on the drama publicly again.

“With prayers and dedication we were prepared and hope we will put on our best on Friday publicly again”.

On Easter last year, the group had put on a moving drama that depicts the crucifixion of Christ which put the Honiara public to stand still.

The group has been performing in Auki, and in Honiara.

This coming Friday, they will be putting on another crucifixion drama again in Auki township.