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Youths briefed on church programs

01 April 2014

ABOUT 20 youths from Visale parish station were briefed about the parish upcoming programs on the weekend.

West Guadalcanal Solomon Star stringer John Toki said the meeting was chaired by chairman of Visale parish Jeffery Rapasia.

“The chairman briefed the youths about what is going to happen in the coming weeks and months according to the parish calendar,” Mr Toki said.

He announced that an election of a new-youth caretaker was held on Saturday during the meeting.

Toki said the briefing of the upcoming events include Easter program, blessing of a new elder at Louna Catholic Church at Russell Island and the 110 anniversary of Visale parish to take place in late June.

He said these are the special events that were highlighted to Visale youths.

The youths represent 13 local churches of Visale parish and all are prepared for these upcoming events.