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SIPTCC gives to Haura SSEC Association

25 March 2014

THE Haura South Sea Evangelistic Church Association in east Makira has received a computer set last week to assist their work in the rural district, thanks to SIPTCC.

Solomon Islands Peace Traumatic Counselling Centre (SIPTCC) donated the computer along with a printer and a photocopy machine to boost the work of the association.

SIPTCC president and founder Pr Ishmael Idu said he was pleased to donate the computer to the church association.

“I see a need for the church to improve in their administration work.

“This will greatly help in reducing travelling expenses to and from Honiara to do tasks such as printing, typing and photocopying.”

Pr Idu said nowadays rural communities have solar and generators therefore such equipment can easily be driven by solar power and or generators.

The association thanked SIPTCC for the assistance.

“The computer set is indeed a great resource in strengthening the administration work of the Haura association.”

The association said they will continue to work with SIPTCC in its programmes.

Haura association and SIPTCC have signed a partnership agreement in 2012 to provide counselling seminars and peace trainings.

Haura is the second rural community to receive assistance from SIPTCC.

SIPTCC had been leading the way in counselling and peace trainings on Guadalcanal, Malaita and Makira Provinces.