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Official closing of the Golden Jubilee

10 March 2014

The official closing of the weeklong celebration of the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) 50th Golden Jubilee in Ambu, Malaita concludes last night.

The day was celebrated with a Sunday Church service which was followed by the official closing.

Night crusade program and marching band, gospel singing and entertainment featured in the closing program last night which concluded early this morning.

Yesterday SSEC Bishop Mathias Lima had reminded SSEC members of how significant and worth remembering they will be in the next fifty years.

“We celebrate and commemorate the bravery and faithfulness of our church pioneers, and I want to put this challenge across to all of us.

“How worth remembering are we today and what can we do so that our grandchildren can remember us about the gospel in the next fifty years.”

Delegates started leaving Auki last night and will continue in the next following days on MV Baruku and Maetalau until everyone left the township.

In Auki