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Local missionaries to Vanuatu commissioned

10 March 2014

The Presbyterian church of Vanuatu and the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) of Solomon Islands has formally agreed for the Solomon Islands Missionaries to serve in Vanuatu.

The formal agreement was signed during the celebration of the 50th Golden Jubilee of SSEC in Ambu, Malaita.

Following the agreement, SSEC’s Bishop Mathias Lima commissioned 10 Solomon Islands SSEC missionaries to serve with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu.

When interviewed, Bishop Lima said, “This is part of the ongoing missions of SSEC to reach out and to touch the world.

“We have been sending our missionaries to Vanuatu and today we have formally signed an agreement with the Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu.”

Presbyterian Church of Vanuatu Moderator Kalarongo Ova earlier said the church was happy about the agreement they signed.

“I and my small delegate were invited and happy to be here. We are happy to formally have an agreement of Solomon Islands SSEC missionaries to serve in Vanuatu.

“We are looking forward to receive and welcome you in Vanuatu.”

Both the Church leaders encouraged the newly commissioned issionaries to have courage in God and have his work preached out to the world.

“We really appreciated these young missionaries and church leaders to spread the gospel and to touch the world.”

Bishop Lima said that part of the missionaries in Vanuatu was to help Solomon Islands local students studying in Vanuatu.

“Part of the SSEC Missionaries work in Vanuatu was to help our local Solomon Islands students there with their spiritual life through their education.”

These young missionaries will serve together with Pastor Philip Maunaoi who has been serving in Vanuatu for years.

The missionaries are expected to leave for Vanuatu later this year.

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