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SSEC members hear of tough challenges

08 March 2014

MEMBERS of the South Seas Evangelical Church (SSEC) attending their 50th golden jubilee celebrations at Ambu, Malaita, yesterday heard of the challenges and tough times the church had been through in the last 50 years.

Leaders of the church from the various regions of the country shared the history about the arrival of the church in their communities, as well as perseverance early leaders have gone through to ensure the gospel is spread to the people.

Rev. Steven Ausuta for the northern region of Malaita said the arrival of the church in their region led to bloodshed as a result of the strong opposition to the gospel.

“SSEC was once facing up with tough challenges in its early history, but we must be encouraged to be bold and stand strong in facing the new challenges the church is experiencing now a days,” Rev. Ausuta said.

“The early history of the church was really a sad one that worth remembering where we are celebrating today and yet ahead of us will be challenges that leaders and the church will have face.

“Our fore-bearers have done great work in bringing in the church to our shores during those heathen times, but for us today, it’s our turn to have it going”.

Rev. Micah Raoiasi of the southern region of Malaita said the challenge the church faces in the region today is converting the people of Kwaio who lived in the mountains and still stick to their cultural beliefs.

While this is a challenge, he told the gathering last year they converted more than 100 people within their area who now became members of the SSEC.

“We cannot neglect these people. They need to hear the gospel and accept it. That’s the role of the church, which it must carry out,” Rev. Raoiasi said.

“We must continue with the good work our forefathers and missionaries have done in the past 50 years,” he added.

The celebration, which officially started Thursday, continues today.

It will end tomorrow.

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