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Mining giant reviews Bougainville stake

Mining giant Rio Tinto is considering the future of its key stake in a company that has lost the right to mine in Bougainville.

Types of leadership

THERE are at least four kinds of leadership. They are leadership by instruction, leadership by initiative, leadership by sacrifice and leadership by compromise.

Police for youth market

Dear Editor – Firstly I want to thank and congratulate the Youth at Work, SPC’s hardworking team, for their tireless work in putting on a successful event for the Youths of Solomon Islands.

Kolombangara may be for sale?

Dear Editor – It would be great if you spare a corner on your paper for this article. As already being spelt overhead, I want to put forth my opinion on this issue.

Absence of doctor at NRH is a risk to the sick.

The current status of the National Referral Hospital reflects the kind of Health System we have in the country.  The National Referral Hospital is not a new issue, but one that continues to be debated year after year.

The observations of an investor in developing countries

GRML was wrong all a long…

WHC responds to Haununu

Dear Editor - The West Honiara Council (WHC) would like to affirm its stand that there were voters from other constituencies who have no connection to West Honiara by work, business, community or land, who registered in the constituency.

What is WHC and who do they represent?

Dear Editor – It is with interest that there is already a campaign against the current West Honiara MP Namson Tran.

Why vote a woman candidate?

Dear Editor - First of all, let us go to the Holy Bible and start from the beginning of everything – Genesis 1:26-27.

Responsible authorities must act now

Dear Editor - May I contribute briefly on an article regarding the above published on Friday 15th.