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Women learn piggery management

08 June 2016

MEMBERS of the Rokotanikeni women association of Kiu and Uhu in South Malaita have undergone a training on small piggery management.

The training was facilitated by Kastom Gaden Association (KGA) poultry and livestock technician Peter Haio last week.

This was part of Rokotanikeni women Association together with kastom Gaden Association (KGA) to improve piggery farmers’ knowledge on how to keep and raise their pig farms through a simple method.

The training was described as one of the best and well organized training for piggery farmers in the southern part of Malaita.

For many it was a first time experience in two rural communities to receive such an important training.

Training facilitator Peter Haeo said the training was a very important most especially for women who are interested in breeding local or European pigs in their communities.

 The training covered areas of feeding, castrating, breeding and many more.

“Most piggery farmers in south Malaita are really interested on this training because pig is one of the common family income in the communities.”

Mr Haeo said, one thing he noticed in the rural area is that most big farmers do not care about their pigs, they just leave the pig roaming outside to destroy other people’s garden; which does not reflect a good farmer.

He assures farmers that with the training they should know how to keep, feed and raise their pigs using the knowledge learn from the one week training.