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SICCI supports, commends women’s entrepreneurial spirit in business

16 July 2016

“Think globally, act locally” was one of the key messages highlighted by keynote speaker Sarah Todd, Papua New Guinean businesswoman and winner of last Saturday’s women in business awards hosted by Solomon Islands Women in Business Association (SIWIBA).

Rachel Rahii winner of the rising star award highlighted her wish “to change the mindset that business is just for foreigners” and encourage all women in business that “all battles are winnable.”

This is a perception that SICCI supports given the significant amount of local small and medium enterprises registered with Company Haus since January 2016.

In a statement SICCI said it was great to see women formally honored with the credit they deserve for their contribution to the economy and prosperity of the Solomon Islands.

“The stories of women from a variety of industry sectors from; commercial flower displays for events and businesses, women involved in media, farming, agriculture,  tailoring and other services even building and maintenance services was truly inspiring.”

SICCI Board Member Sir Bruce Saunders highlighted that men and women should work together as women play an increasingly important role in the future leadership and prosperity of the Solomon Islands.

“Women in business contribute a significant amount to the formal and informal sectors in the Solomon Islands.

“Women consist of nearly a quarter of SICCI’s membership portfolio.”

Lynda Wate Seni, owner of Sunday Isles newspaper thanked SIWIBA for recognizing women’s contribution to the economy and reminded all women in business “the magic is you”.

SICCI congratulated all the women who received awards at the SIWIBA women in business awards event.

“We must not forget all those other ladies as well, who are working hard to provide for their families and with their entrepreneurial spirit helping build the future prosperity of the Solomon Islands.

“We also congratulate Agnes Pilofafo, a cocoa farmer recently recognized at the cocoa festival for having the highest quality sundried cocoa beans.

“As the peak organization representing private sector businesses in the Solomon Islands, the Solomon Islands Chamber of Commerce & Industry (SICCI) looks forward to seeing next year’s awards and the profile of women in business being acknowledged.

“Women’s achievements in the private sector, the community and nation should be celebrated each and every day of the year.”